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About us

iPolitic is a democratic utility that empowers people to propose, debate & vote on political policies of their choosing...

We aim to enable the people to participate in the political process by ensuring the people's voice is clearly heard, the people's votes are quantifiably recorded and the people's will is given due respect.

Created and run by the people, iPolitic is a non-politically affiliated organisation allowing the people a say in what is being enacted and implemented in their name.

As a social networking utility, iPolitic is not responsible for any user content on the site - all of which is created by our voters. Our terms make it clear however, that all content must be legal, decent and honest at all times.

participate in the peoples democracy · vote to change your world · propose ideas · debate policy · join networks to see people with similar interests · email friends for their latest news · build the peoples democracy · making politicians servants of the people

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